Vendor Name MSDS Vendor Description
3M Filtration   Food Service industry water filtration systems
A O Smith Motors MSDS Now Century Div of Regal-Beloit. Complete line of fractional, sub-fractional and integral HP A/C and DC electric motors for virtually all industrial, commercial and residential applications.
A. O. Smith Water Products   Residential & commercial water heaters & boilers.
Aftermarket Specialties / ASI   Rotary and reciprocating compressors, condensing units, dry metallized film run capacitors and chemicals for the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industry.
Airserco Manufacturing   Manufacturer of refrigerant processing equipment, tools and accessories
Ainor Instruments   HVAC air balancing instruments.
Amana Heating & Air Conditioning   Packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs) and heat pumps.
Amcot Cooling Tower Corporation   Fiberglass crossflow and counterflow water cooling towers in sizes ranging from 3 to 1500 tons.
Amprobe Instruments   Electrical & HVAC test instruments and circult tracers.
Amtrol. Inc.   HVAC & hydronic tanks and heat exchangers.
Appion. Inc MSDS For quality equipment and supplies. Broad range of products from core removal tools to commercial recovery equipment.
Arkema Chemicals (formerly Elf Atochem and Atofina) MSDS “HCFC & HFC” “Forane” brand refrigerants
Armstrong Pumps   Complete line of in-line and base mounted pumps and heat exchangers for the HVAC & plumbing industries.
Bacharach. Inc. MSDS Complete line of combustion efficiency and monitoring instruments.
Baldor Electric Co.   Single & three phase industrial motors and drives.
Bames & Jones MSDS Calibrated steam traps, steam systems and repair kits
Baso Products Co.   Gas valves, pilot assemblies and gas safetey switches.
Beacon Morris   Producer of kickspace heaters, convectors, gas & hydronic unit heaters, floor vectors, cabinet unit heaters, and commercial finned-tube.
Beckett, R.W.   Complete line of oil fired burners for residential & light commercial heating equipment.
Bell & Gossett.   Complete line of in-line and base mounted pumps, heat exchangers and hydronic specialties for the HVAC & plumbing industries.
Bristol Compressors   Hermetic compressors for air conditioners and heat pumps.
Browning Power Transmission   Complete line of sheaves, hubs, sprockets, gear reducers and V-Belts for industry.
C & D Valve Manufacturing   Specialty service valves and fittings for the HVACR industry.
Camstat   Specialty fan and blower timers and thermostats for the HVAC industry.
Carrier/A1 Remanufactured Compressors   Remanufactured semi-hermetic & open drive HVAC & refrigeration compressors.
Century Motors MSDS Complete line of fractional, sub-fractional and integral HP A/C and DC electric motors for virtually all industrial, commercial and residential applications.
Coleman Cable (Baron)   Specialty wire and cable.
Conbraco Industries   Water & steam pressure relief valves, ball valves, double-check back-flow prevention systems.
Control Devices. LLC   Brass flare and compression tube fittings, float valve assemblies.
Cooper Instruments   Manufacturer of quality time, temperature and humidity instruments.
CPS (Control Power Systems)   Specialty service instruments for the HVACR service trades.
Crown Boilers   Residential and commercial hydronic and steam heating boilers & indirect water heaters.
Custom Leathercraft   Innovative multi-function tool totes and pouches.
Danfoss   Specialty valves for the refrigeration industry.
Delavan Spray Technologies Products   Fuel oil burner nozzles, valves & accessories.
Devcon MSDS Industrial sealants and epoxees.
Diversitech MSDS Equipment mounting pads, secondary condensate pans & algaecide treatments.
Dormont Manufacturing   Flexible connectors for residential & commercial gas fired appliances.
Durodyne   Manufacturer of sheet metal accessories and equipment for the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning industry.
Dwyer Instruments   Complete line of low pressure gauges, switches and instruments spanning a broad range of applications.
ESAB Welding MSDS Welding & brazing equipment & tools.
Extech Instuments   Complete line of test and analytical instruments, including wireless (bluetooth) enabled and communicating instruments.
Fantech   Complete line of up-blast, down-blast, belt or direct drive centrifugal ventilators, prop axial ventilators & air circulators, blowers and fans for commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.
Fasco Motors MSDS Fractional and sub-fractional HP AC motors and blower assemblies for ventilation and HVAC applications.
Field Controls   Complete line of sidewall venting equipment, draft inducers and barometric draft regulators for gas and oil fired equipment.
Fieldpiece   Quality electrical and specialty test instruments for the HVACR service and maintenance trades.
FLIR   Advanced thermal Imaging cameras and imaging tools
Flo-Aire   Commercial aluminum exhaust, makeup air, in-line fans and blowers.
Fluke   Specialty electrical test instruments for the HVACR service trades.
Forane Refrigerants MSDS Forane brand HFC, HCFC & blended refrigerants
France Transfomers   10KV ignition transformers for combustion equipment.
Franklin Electric Co (Little Giant Pumps)   Sump, utility & effluent pumps.
Friedrich Air Conditioning   Room air conditioners, packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACS) and heat pumps, ductless mini-split multi-zone systems.
Fujitsu General America   Ductless mini-split air conditioners, consisting of floor standing, wall, ceiling suspended and ceiling cassette models.
Functional Devices (Relay-In-a-Box)   Compact, spud mounted multi-voltage control relays.
G.E. Zoneline Room Air Conditioners   Quality packaged terminal air conditioners (PTACs), heat pumps and thru-the-wall room air conditioners for homes, hotels/motels and multi-family dwellings.
GEA Flatplate, Inc.   Brazed plate heat exchangers for use in heating, cooling, refrigeration, hydronic, steam and industrial processes.
General Filters   Residential, central duct mounted humidifiers. In-line oil filters for oil burners.
General Tools Manufacturing   Specialty measuring and hand tools.
Goodman Manufacturing Complete line of residential and commercial HVAC equipment
Grundfos Pumps   Hot water circulating pumps.
Hago   Atomizing nozzles for the oil heating industry.
Hardcast   Manufacturer of HVAC duct/sealing tapes, mastics and related adhesives.
Harris, J. W. MSDS Specialty silver & phos-copper brazing alloys.
Hart & Cooley   Residential and commercial air duct registers & grills.
Hartell Pumps   Manufacturer of condensate, sink drain (laundry tray) wastewater, ice machine and magnetic drive circulating pumps and accessories for HVAC industries
Heat Controller, Inc.   Room air conditioners and heat pumps, dehumidifiers, ductless mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps, central HVAC equipment..
Heat Transfer Products MSDS High and ultra high efficiency space, water heating and 'combi" boilers for residential and commercial applications. All products assembled in USA.
Heatlink   Complete line of PEX (cross linked polyethylene)tubing and control components for radiant floor heating, snow melting and potable water applications.
Highfield Manufacturing (Firomatic Valves) Co.   Firomatic brand thermally actuated safety shut-off valves and safety switches for the fuel oil heating industry
Highside Chemicals MSDS Specialty chemicals for the HVACR industry.
Hilmor Tools for the HVACR Professional
Hoffman (ITT Fluid Handling Div.)   Complete line of steam traps, air vents, regulating valves, condensate and feed pump systems.
Honeywell, Inc.   Complete line of building automation and appliance replacement controls.
Hydrolevel MSDS Low water cut-offs, feeders and management controls of water and steam boilers.
ICM Controls   Specialty time delay relays and system monitoring controls for the HVAVR industry.
ICOR International   "Makers of ""Hot Shot"" substitute for CFC R12 for both refrigeration and automotive applications."
Imperial Tools   Specialty tube bending, swaging & cutting tools.
ITT Bell & Gossett   Complete line of in-line and base mounted pumps, heat exchangers and hydronic specialties for the HVAC & plumbing industries.
J/B Industries   Vacuum Pumps, Manifolds, Valves, Tools and Fittings for the Refrigeration and AC Industry.
Jason Industrial Power Transmission & Industrial Rubber Products
JMF Company   Importers of copper tube fittings, pipe and line sets
Johnson Controls   Complete line of building automation and HVAC controls.
KB Electronics   Solid state variable speed AC and DC motor controls
Klein/Vaco   Complete line of high quality hand tools.
Knipex   Self-locking pliers and wrenches.
Lanco MSDS HVAC Fan Coils, Vertical Stack, Recessed, Low Silhouette, Vertical & Horizontal mount. 2 or 3 pipe, H20 and/or DX
Lau (Conair Division)   Residential, commercial and industrial replacement fan blades, blower assemblies and blower wheels.
LDR Industries   Malleable black iron and brass pipe nipples and fittings.
Lenox Saws   Complete line of metal cutting blades.
Leviton Manufacturing   Wiring devices.
LG Electronics, Inc.   Decorative wall mount ductless mini-split air conditioners.
Loctite Corporation (formerly Permatex Industrial) MSDS Loctite? and Permatex? brands of specialty sealants and adhesives for industry.
Mainstream Engineering   Manufacturer of refrigeration oil test and leak management tools.
Malco Tools   Specialty hand tools for the sheet metal craftsperson.
Maneurop (Danfoss)   Replacement hermetic compressors for G.E. & Trane equipment.
Marathon Electric   Integral & Fractional HP electric motors.
Marsh Bellofram   Industrial pressure gauges and thermometers.
Mason Industries   Noise and vibration suppression pads and hangers.
Matco-Norca MSDS Valves, fittings & nipples, faucets & plumbing specialties for the plumbing & heating, industrial, waterworks and irrigation markets.
Maxitrol   Commercial & industrial gas pressure regulators.
McDaniel Metals   Brand specific filter bases, roof curbs, transitions and plenums for HVAC equipment.
McDonnell & Miller MSDS Boiler water level and flow controls
McQuay HVAC   OEM Replacement parts: Compressor, controls, relays, thermostats, electric motors & more!
Modine Manufacturing   Commercial & industrial unit heaters.
Mueller Industries Manufacturer of pipe valves & fittings in brass, copper, copper alloy and plastic for plumbing HVAC and refrigeration
Nidec Motor Corporation   Fractional & Integral HP electric motors for the HVAC and industrial process industries. Successor to Emerson Electric Motors.
Nomaco Insulation   Closed-cell tubular and sheet insulation. Former vendors: Halstead; Rubatex.
NuCalgon MSDS Specialty chemicals and water filters for the HVACR industry.
Nutone   Residential and commercial exhaust fans and blowers.
Oil Equipment Manufacturing, LLC   Petrolium Tank Specialty Products
Omegaflex-Trac Pipe   PVC coated corrugated stainless steel tubing replaces black iron natural gas piping.
Owens Corning Insulation products.
Packard, Inc   Distributors of surplus and replacement electric motors and other components for the HVACR industry
Paragon Electric   Electronic & electromechanical timers.
Parker Brass   Brass fittings for the pneumatic control industry.
Parker-Hannifin   Filter driers, sight glasses & thermostatic expansion valves for the HVACR industry.
Peerless Boilers   Full line of residential and commercial, gas and oil fired boilers, for steam or hot water systems.
Penn-Union   Wide range of mechanical and compression electrical connectors.
Prest-O-Lite   Welding & brazing equiment & tools.
Prokup Media   Educational & training software and publications for the HVAC and refrigeration industry.
Promax   Portable refrigerant recovery equipment for the HVAC/R service trade.
Purolator Products   "Complete line of pads, framed and rolled disposable and washable media air filters from 1"" to 99+% HEPA."
Quietside Boilers   Compact, wall mounted gas fired high efficiency combination boilers, and instantaneous water heaters of 84 - 92% efficiencies, and direct vent, sealed combustion designs.
RBI Water Heaters   Industrial/commercial and domestic hot water heaters, boilers, pool heaters and storage tanks.
Rectorseal MSDS Specialty pipe sealing compounds.
Refrigeration Techologies, Inc. MSDS Leak detectors, oil analysis kits and other specialty chemicals for the refrigeration industry.
Ridgid   Complete line of pipe threading tools, vises & wrenches.
Rinnai   Continuous flow tankless water heaters, ductless direct vent heaters, vent-free heaters & fireplaces
Ritchie Engineering   Yellow Jacket brand of specialty refrigeration & HVAC service tools
Robertshaw Uni-Line   Complete line of gas appliance controls and HVAC thermostats.
Robinair SPX MSDS Refrigeration, HVAC & Automotive service and refrigerant recovery/recycling tools & instruments.
Sanuvox Technologies   Industrial, Commercial & Residential Ultraviolet Air Purifiers.
Schaefer Brush   Complete line of specialty cleaning brushes.
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc.   Complete line of pneumatic, electric & electronic HVAC & building automation controls & systems.
Siemens Energy & Automation USA   Global manufacturer of motors, drives, automation controls and power distribution systems and components.
SOG Specialty Knives   Premium quality knives and multi-tools.
Soler-Palau   Exhaust Fans for Residential & Commercial Applications.
Southwark Metal Manufacturing   Prefabricated sheet metal duct & fittings.
Space Pak   Unique high velocity ducted air conditioning systems for homes/buildings without existing ductwork.
Spectronics Corporation   Fluorescent refrigerant leak detection systems.
SpeedClean (Goodway)Manufacturing   Manufacturer of portable pressurized coil cleaners.
SpeedClean (Goodway)Manufacturing MSDS Manufacturer of portable pressurized coil cleaners & specialty HVAC tools.
Spirotherm   Air elimination systems for closed loop hydronic heating systems.
Strainer Screen & Cylinder Co MSDS Filters, gaskets, seals, strainers and specialty heating parts.
Streamlight, Inc.   Complete line of high quality hi-intensity light emitting diode (LED) flashlights and portable lighting systems.
Suntec   Heating fuel oil pumps and valves.
Supco (Sealed Unit Parts Co.)   Specialty replacement refrigeration controls, data recorders and test instruments for the HVACR service trades.
Surface Igniter Corp Manufacturer of hot surface igniters used in the appliance, HVAC, water heater, BBQ grill and scientific instrumentation businesses.
System Sensor   Fire and smoke detection and notification products for HVAC applications.
Taco   Complete line of in-line and base mounted pumps, heat exchangers and hydronic specialties for the HVAC & plumbing industries.
Tecumseh   Rotary and reciprocating compressors & condensing units for HVAC and refrigeratoin systems.
Temprite   Oil separators for commercial refrigeration systems.
TerraLUX, Inc. Makers of quality flashlights, worklights, and LED conversion kits
Thomas & Betts   Complete line of electrical hardware.
TIF Instruments   Specialty refrigeration service tools.
Tjernlund Products   Side-wall venting and draft inducers for gas and oil fired equipment.
Turbotorch (Victor-Thermadyne Ind.)   Welding, cutting & brazing equipment.
Tutco, Inc.   Specialty resistance heaters for HVAC/R equipment.
UEI Univeral Enterprises   Electronic test & measurement instruments.
Universal Electric Motors   Fractional HP motors for the HVAC industry.
Uniweld Products, Inc.   Manufacturer of welding equipment, refrigeration tools, accessories, and pressure gauges.
US Electric Motors   Integral HP industrial motors
Veris Industries, Inc.   Power monitoring and environmental condition sensors for HVAC & industrial applications.
Virginia KMP   Oils and specialty chemicals for the HVACR industries.
Watts Regulator Co.   Pressure relief, reducing and back-flow prevention valves for the plumbing and heating industries.
Wayne Combustion Systems   Oil and gas power burners.
Weiss Instruments   Digital panel thermometers.
Westwood Products   Residential and commercial oil burner components, boiler gauge glasses, burner electrodes and other specialties.
White Rodgers   Replacement HVACR controls.
Williams Comfort Products MSDS Manufacturer of console, floor and wall furnaces, fan coils and dehumidifiers
Zebra Instruments MSDS ECM Motor diagnostic and troubleshooting tools